Thank you for a great 25th season have a great Fall winter, spring and see you next Summer in August 2020. May my knowledge continue to help keep you all safe, from stings.

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Alive Bee relocation


Honeybee and Bumblebees, I relocate them to a new homes. They are pollinators and help produce Food for us all. Bee and Wasp Removal, Pest Control, Exterminator of Stinging insects only.

Years of experience


I have studied Bees and wasp most, of my 43 years, started Beekeeping in 1994.  Did removals on the side up till going on five years ago now, that is when I went  full time.  So I can be there When you need me.

Yellow Jackets and Hornets I just remove.

Yellow Jackets

I have seen almost everything you can think of when it comes to removing them.  The picture is of a nest in the ceiling of a bedroom, they broke in to the room after chewing thru the drywall.  So if you see discoloration and see wasps flying outside, do not tap, Call soon :-)

Things To Know



When you see Bumblebees on the flower, they are calm and not aggressive.  But Remember to stay clear of the nests, I have found them to be the most aggressive in there defense of the home.  They will go for the face, and may sting as many times as possible. 



When they are nesting in the wall, best to have them relocated as soon as you can afford to. The longer they are there the larger the nest will become, can reach up words of 80,000 to 100,000 strong.  And if the nest was to die, the honey in the comb will leak into the walls, and bring other bugs and animals.  And increasing the cost.



A lot of times you will not know the nest is there, till one day the mower, or you just walk to close, makes them feel threatened.  Always before mowing under trees or cutting bushes, look them over closely without touching the tree or bush for that will make them attack.  Better to see them, then feel them.  Call me I will deal with them.

Yellow Jackets


This is what a Yellow Jacket nest in the ceiling looks like, look for discolored drywall. That small hole is where they where coming into the bedroom, above that was a large nest with hundreds of wasps.  As a nest grows they remove drywall to make room, till they are in the house.

Ground Yellow Jackets


Always look over your yard closely before mowing, look for activity.  You may have mowed over a spot 10 times but that was because the nest was still small.  Or a nest maybe in the ground under the roots of your bushes, careful when cutting or touching them, the vibration into the roots will make them attack.  And just remember the nest is more and likely far and deep from the door they are entering.

Paper wasps


This is one of the most common wasps you will see,  If the nest is up high they are not aggressive, and can just be left alone.  If the nest is close to a door or where a lot of activity is, then you may become defensive.  Then I will remove it for you.


Check out this moving bumblebees to there new home.


Marks Bee Bizz 630-636-8148


First year keeping bees, and when i started doing some removals.  I had been catching wasps and studying them from the first day I could run fast. 


1996 When I Started building my hive numbers, By 1998 I had 60 hives i was operating.

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 Closed start of October colder nights and shorter days nest or on a fast decline and will die on there own with the first freeze.  For estimates, please Text photos to 630-636-8148, only if you feel safe doing it. will try to estimate cost for removal.  $100.00 to come to location. If I do the removal, It is just what it cost to do the removal. 15 mile work area, And not East of 355.  

Marks Bee Bizz

Montgomery, IL 60538, us

(630) 636-8148


Last day Saturday the 28th of September.

Sunday: Closed, Emergence only, add $25 to bill 

Do not start jobs after close, jobs may take hours to do.  NO monthly Service plans they are not needed for stinging insects.

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